Process R&D Researcher

South Korea, Cheonan UMK
Rechargeable Battery Materials
Research & Development

About Umicore

Reducing harmful vehicle emissions. Giving new life to used metals. Powering the cars of the future. As a global materials and technology group, we apply our specialist knowledge to offer materials and solutions that are essential to everyday life. We aim to be a clear world leader in materials for clean mobility and recycling and have turned our sustainability approach into an even greater competitive advantage. With ambitions like this, imagine what you could do?

About RBM

We are all on the move. Umicore’s rechargeable battery materials give people autonomy and connectivity. We are a pioneer in battery materials that give added range and performance to electric vehicles. Our materials also ensure longer battery life for portable electronics. To enable our customers to produce even better performing batteries we cannot stand still. We need to find new ways to do things, discover new solutions and develop new ideas. Which is where you come in.

What you will be doing


Support R&D projects and PRD competence building by coordinating, preparing and carrying out R&D project activities as well as evaluating and summarizing the results and conclusions.

Product/Process development 
Support projects: Milling process and HiNi washing process
(i) Work with supervisor on experimental design, sample preparation, characterization & data analysis
(ii) Conduct/arrange customer samples piloting & arrange sample analysis and shipment
(iii) Interact with different internal and external departments/Teams (RTC-ROP, JUC, etc.)
(iv) Data management and reporting results incl. formal project reporting


Support chemical commissioning and further activities of lab and pilot scale installations

Set up RTC-PRD equipment, laboratory at RTC environment

Evaluation of new technologies in the field of wet chemical processes

Who we are looking for
  • Master degree or higher in chemistry, materials engineering, chemical engineering, process engineering or physics
  • Expert knowledge analytical procedures
  • Good basic knowledge in different wet chemical process technologies (e.g. Bead milling, Slurry milling, filtration, drying, etc.) Good knowledge of operation procedures for R&D equipment
  • Good cathode material/process/battery understanding
  • Good knowledge of operation procedures for R&D equipment
  • Good reporting and communication skills
  • Basic design of experiment skills
  • Good knowledge of specific RBM R&D QEHS procedures/processes/programs (MSDS, MSA, PEM, 5S,...)
  • Fluent Korean speaker with basic knowledge of English speaking/writing
What we offer

We aim to lead the way. Not just for our customers, but for our employees too. That is why we strive to create a collaborative environment in which we can all succeed, and a culture through which we can all share ideas, develop our expertise and advance our careers. We engage in building an inclusive work culture that offers equal opportunities for all employees irrespective of their diverse backgrounds. As you would expect from a world-leading organisation, we will also reward your contribution with a competitive salary and benefits. With all this and more, imagine what you could do?

If my pioneering research can drive our progress in clean mobility, IMAGINE WHAT YOU COULD DO



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