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A career in sustainability

Umicore invests in clean technologies, such as catalytic converters and materials for rechargeable batteries. One in three cars is fitted with a catalytic converter that incorporates our raw materials. Our unique recycling technology supports a closed cycle approach. As such, our products and services help tackle global challenges, like raw materials shortages, clean mobility and sustainable energy generation and storage. Would you like to help create a cleaner, more sustainable world? Then Umicore is the place for you.

How do we attract new talent and deal with each other? We provide thorough training and exciting challenges. Equality, diversity and honesty are key. We are competent, enthusiastic and take our responsibilities. Together we deliver the best results and are fairly compensated for these. We enter into constructive dialogue with each other. Health and safety constitute the core of our corporate culture.

Integrity is the key for all our decisions. Wherever we operate, our reputation is the main strength of our Group. We always keep that in mind.