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Our business

Automotive Catalysts

Umicore Catalysis Korea

Umicore Catalysis Korea, established in 1985, is specialized in manufacturing catalysts and its plant is located in ‘Onsan National Industrial Complex’ in Ulju-kun, Ulsan-si. Onsan plant manufactures automotive emission control catalysts and environmental and industrial catalyst. Umicore Catalysis Korea is leading the automotive catalyst industry through continued technology development at R&D center in Songdo with the headquarter of business unit of Automotive Catalysts in Hanau.

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Rechargeable Battery Materials

Umicore Korea

At our Rechargeable Battery Materials plant in Cheonan we produce Li-ion cathode materials for rechargeable batteries used in electric vehicles and portable electronics. Umicore’s more than 15 years of expertise in battery materials technology, its early qualification for transportation applications, extensive IP portfolio and unrivalled ability to scale up have made it a leader in this domain. Umicore has a unique position in cathode materials and our continuous investments in R&D and production capacity underscore our ambition to be a global leader in materials that enable clean mobility.

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Umicore Marketing Services Korea

We aspire to be the preferred partner of Umicore’s BUs and of local customers for sales, distribution and agency representation worldwide.

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